Special Services

Our specialized programs are flexible and modified to your particular facility requirements. Our specialized unit teams will customize a year or half-year program that fits the needs of your facility. Our teams are entirelycovered, qualified and uniformed.

Jindal Janitorial services offer the following services in support of your facility requirements:

High Dusting
Indoor concentrations of dust contaminants can become a health, safety and product quality concern. High dusting is required in order to clean cobwebs, dust and oil from ceilings, light fixtures, air vents, grills, structured frames, wall ledges, beams, partitions, gutters, ductwork and diffusers.

Post-Construction/Renovation Cleanup
If you are building afresh or making additions to an existing building, transformation or restoring our specialized teams will make the whole process easier on you. We offer a variety of services to meet your post construction cleanup needs in retail stores, commercial,condominiums and industrial plants. Our services include removal of debris, complete floor and carpet care, power washing, glass and window cleaning and daily upkeep of the construction location.

Tragedy Recovery
Water and fire destruction can be risky to your occupiers and customers; instant action must be taken to lessen damage. We get the cleanup done competently and reestablish your premises to what it was before the incident.

Interior and Exterior Pressure Washing
Power washing is a fast and detailed way to clean the exterior and interior of your facility, we clean storefronts, sidewalks, entranceways, garbage bin areas and industrial plants. Our truck mounted equipment delivers services as seamless and non-invasive as possible. The pressure washing units have a self-contained water supply and heaters to allow for self-sufficient operation. The latest technology in acoustic regulator is being used to limit noise impact.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
We can custom tailor an interior and exterior window cleaning program that will meet your facility standards and budget.

Inner and Outer Painting
We have the way out to all your facility painting needs, both small and large scale. Our teams are armed to respond hastily for touch-up maintenances, face-lifts, safety line painting and new builds and offercomprehensive customer satisfaction for all your painting desires.

Other of our specialized services include:

  • Floor refinishing & restoration
  • Handyman services
  • Washroom steam cleaning & repairs
  • Ceiling tile cleaning
  • Mold restoration
  • Deep cleaning, rodent control
  • Gum & graffiti removal

Contact us at info@jindaljs.com or call us on 306 881 3535 for more information.