Jindal Janitorial service is the number one provider of both interior and exterior facility maintenance with exceptional reputation as a result of quality, competence and professionalism. We are reliable, flexible ad principled to ensure that our clients receive more than they expect.

Jindal Janitorial services is a full-time cleaning company that provides incomparable commercial, retail and multi-tenant services to all our clients in the whole of Canada. We recognize each of our customer has different facility maintenance needs and we treat them in special ways to satisfy their specific demands. We customize our approach to different assignments and conduct a comprehensive assessment to give the best janitorial solutions. We major in Floor cleaning, Stripping floor, Waxing, Buffering floor, Detailing and many other services.

We have invested in the best employees who are trained to offer professional services and handle the customers in the right manner at all times. The use of modern technology and best tools and equipment gives us an upper hand in the market as it makes us efficient and convenient. Using efficient tools and equipment also enhance swift services.

Most property owners and managers, facility managers as well as building owners rely on our quality services for their facility maintenance requirements. Our target market is the retail, commercial and multi-tenants market all over Canada.

Jindal Janitorial is an environmental sensitive company and we take the green approach during our service delivery and we ensure the use of products that have been certified with environmental related organizations. We use environment friendly detergents and we do our best to handle and dispose wastes in the appropriate manner. We are keen to adhere to set rules and regulations regarding the environment. You can visit our environmental responsibility page for more information. To conserve resources, we use energy saving equipment and tools.
We have registered with the relevant authorities and we have been licensed and insure to offer cleaning services to all clients in the country. For safety services, our employees are always uniformed and have staff budge ID for identification.
If you are looking for the best cleaning services, Jindal Janitorial services is the way to go and we will never fail you at any weather or day.
Contact us at info@jindaljs.com or call us on 306 881 3535 for more information.